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The Soak Up The Light Brand of aromatherapy products is rigorously sourced and produced in small batches to ensure quality.  The essential oils are purchased from a local company (Indiana) who has been in business for over a century.  They are one of the top international purchasers of essential oils and test every oil twice with both gas chromatography and mass spectrometry before the oils can be released to us for sale.  Individual oils are not changed in any way when bottling for sale.  

Essential oil blends are created in small batches to ensure consistency and quality.  The blends are then added to various carriers to create all the forms of aromatherapy products we offer.  


We are a bit old school and like to get to know our customers and how to best align our brand of products with your clients and customers.  Please contact Mike to set up your wholesale account and he will help you intentionally shop for the best outcome for you and your clients!  

We do not sell on Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, etc.  Only on our retail website for our suggested retail prices and to our wholesale customers. 

help others, help yourself

a triple win

Our goal for creating and offering wholesale opportunities is to reach and maintain a triple win.  

1. The clients win! We know our products are well loved (as shown in our own clinic of thousands of clients) so sharing these products with your clients and customers will be a win for them.  They get products they love and use which are natural, smell amazing, and WORK for reasonable prices.   Win #1   

2. You win.  You get to provide expertly crafted aromatherapy products for a fair profit.  So you get the pleasure of seeing your clients and customers happy while increasing your bottom line sales each year.  Win #2

3. We win.  We share in the reasonable profit which gives us the ability to continue offering these products nationwide.  We get the pleasure of knowing our products are reaching beyond our local community and helping to transform lives and businesses across the country.  Win #3

Sounds fun right?  No multilevel marketing schemes.  No monthly required purchasing.  You buy what you want, when you want.  

Not sure where to start?  That's ok!  We can help!  Mike LOVES to shop and he can help you decide how to get started with a reasonable investment.  Drop him an email below and he will be happy to help.


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