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Welcome to Soak Up The Light

Welcome to Soak Up The Light

Welcome to Soak Up The LightWelcome to Soak Up The LightWelcome to Soak Up The Light

About Us

Our History

In 2007 one of our owners Kris Losch opened a holistic health clinic in Elkhart Indiana.  Initially the focus was primarily on the services such as massage therapy, acupuncture, yoga, and infrared sauna.  However, the Soak Up The Light brand began as a supplement to the services offered at Ray of Light Holistic Health.  As demand increased, Kris decided to formalize her education and became a Clinical Aromatherapist after nearly 700 hours of study through the West Coast Aromatherapy school.  It was during this education that Kris and her husband Mike built a partnership with a local essential oil company who can ensure top quality of the essential oils worldwide.  With over a century of business under their belt, our supplier offers consistency and certified pure essential oils with which we create all of our SUTL brand products.  

All of our products are made onsite at our clinic and in small batches to ensure purity and consistency.  We have also expanded into the wholesale market through other healing clinics nationwide.  It is our intention to continue to develop top quality, effective products for both wholesale and retail customers across the nation.  You will not find our products on Amazon, Etsy, or other mass marketed websites.  We intend to build meaningful relationships with our wholesalers and customers to ensure quality support and education for everyone!

We offer brand launch experiences, onsite educational opportunities, as well as make and take workshops.  

the products

We offer many individual essential oils, essential oil blends, as well as products which are already diluted for use topically such as sprays, lotions, body butters, body oils, sugar scrubs, bath salts, roller bottles, and inhalers.  We have also created a Therapeutics Line with specialty products to address specific health issues.  

custom blending

Although our blends are continuing to grow and develop, there may be a specific blend or concept you don't see on our product list.  Our Clinical Aromatherapist will work with you and your clinic to develop blends for your specific needs (minimum purchase may be required).